The Evil Scott Shaw

To be brief, I was hoodwinked into "investing" $14,000 with Donald G. Jackson to help finish a movie called "Guns of El Chupacabra." It was around the year 2000, and The Blair Witch Project had made hundreds of millions of dollars, and I figured if we could just make one million, I would make a nice return on my investment. It was at the peak of the dot com craze, and anything was possible. I agreed to put up the money to finish the final editing on the movie, which had been sitting in the can for a while, since Shaw was as broke as Jackson, and neither of them had the money to complete this movie. I was even able to convince my friends, the Sun City Girls, to donate most of the music on the soundtrack.

Being naive and stupid about the film industry, I had nothing in writing to guarantee the returns the Con Man, Don Jackson had promised me. I also went ahead and paid for 100 promotional DVD's to be printed, and I created the great packaging artwork and insert. We were going to use them to try to get a distribution agreement, and supposedly Jackson & Shaw tried to get distribution deals, however, nothing panned out and Don Jackson died penniless and deep in debt. Good riddance you jerk!

I found out after his death that not only did he give me Executive Producer status for my money, he also promised Executive Producer status to another investor who neither of us knew nothing about. I wonder if this is how he financed all his movies? Why Shaw didn't warn me about Jackson until it was too late is my question.

After Jackson's death, all copywrites on the film reverted to Shaw. At that time, Shaw said it was ok if I sold the rest of the discs, and if I was able to get distribution outside of the USA, then he would let that happen to help me recover some of my investment. I tried to sell the discs on Amazon.com, next to Shaw's version; however, he forced Amazon to remove my version. The movie was so lame, no one wanted to touch it and it has sat since then. This week Shaw left a voice mail message for me and demanded I stop selling the "bootleg" versions of the movie, rambling on about not taking it personal and it was related to Jackson's Bankrupt estate, even though he gave me the DVD that was used to make the promo copies.

It's apparent that greed got the best of Scott Shaw. He seems to have forgot his promise to help me recover some of my investment.  If you are ever approached by Scott Shaw to invest in his next movie, run as far and as fast as you can. Otherwise, you could end up just like me and have a huge write-off. You have been warned...

Chris Winkler